In the Orders menu, you can quickly view all new orders and filter them by priority. This is the area from which you will complete the orders received from the customers and also you will manage all the problems encountered during the deliveries such as returns, canceled orders, or other incidents.
At the top of the page you have a filter area with which you filter the orders according to several criteria.
The tabs below the filter area can be used to view only new orders, those you are working on, delays or canceled orders for various reasons.
Each command is displayed below these tabs. Here you have access to all the necessary information for each order to see how many days each order took to reach the customer, the current status of the orders, the customer details, the delivery method or the payment method.
To view the details of each order separately, go to the View order details button in the Actions column.

We advise you follow the articles dedicated to the order process flow, in order to make your activity on the eMAG Marketplace platform even easier.


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