How to set up your API connection to eMAG easybox?


In this article, we will show you how to update the API system for the eMAG easybox service if you generate AWBs through it. The API available on the eMAG interface is used to synchronise data between your own case management system and the eMAG Martketplace platform.


Thanks to data import via the API, your online store data will be synchronised with the data displayed on the eMAG Marketplace platform, so you can increase your sales. It’s also the fastest way to update products and upload new ones, since thanks to automation, your own website communicates directly with eMAG Marketplace. Incoming orders will be automatically redirected from your eMAG Marketplace account directly to your own web store, making it easier and faster to process orders without the hassle of uploading invoices or AWBs, for example.

If you use the API for issuing AWBs and you have implemented sending the “locker_id” key in the request, it is important to update your list of courier accounts by calling api-3/courier_accounts/read, in order to obtain the new ID of the eMAG account. This update must be done only once and the eMAG Courier account must be used for any AWB issuance on the api-3/awb/save route.

We recommend you to reread the courier accounts as soon as possible, in order to generate AWBs through the new dedicated account and not to encounter any errors for orders with locker delivery.

Do not forget to visit the eMAG Academy section and find more tutorials that will provide you support in your daily activity on the eMAG Marketplace platform.

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