Campaign calendar October 2023 – Romania


We will also support you in the campaigns in Romania to reach new key points in the growth plan of your business this year , through the shopping events that we will organize and all the suitable opportunities for your business that we’ll identify.

Here is the plan for the campaigns that will take place in October:


The commission discount mechanism

We support your efforts to bring customers the best offers by participating in the umbrella campaigns we organize and that is why each product sold during the June campaigns activation period, will also bring you a lower commission, according to the established grid. The amounts obtained will be collected during September and early October 2023.

E-commerce is evolving, and we look for any new opportunity that would bring benefits for your business. Therefore, we will take care to implement the identified opportunities, informing you in advance about each update of the promotion program.


We wish you increased quality sales!


eMAG Marketplace Team

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