With eMAG you costs remail minimal

What costs do you have to sell on eMAG


  • 0 sign-up costs
  • 0 costs for managing the seller account
  • 0 Customer Support costs

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How we calculate commissions?

  • The commission varies between 7 and 25%, depending on the category in which your products are.
  • You receive the money for the sale twice a month, from which eMAG keeps the related commission.
  • You can see the fee grid detailed in the contract before you sign it.

How much does activating the FBE (Fulfillment by eMAG) service cost?

  • You have a storage fee, depending on the age of the stock.
  • You have a processing fee, depending on dimensions and weight, starting at 3.99 RON

FBE Cost Simulator

Download the simulator, fill in the product name, category, stock and volumetric data, and the tool will automatically generate a cost simulation.

Read the full tutorial and discover how you can use the simulator to your advantage.

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