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This tutorial explains how to check if your product is suitable for easybox delivery. Parcel delivery is really convenient for customers because it gives them the flexibility to collect their order at any time.

Products that fall into one of the categories eligible for parcel delivery automatically qualify for easybox delivery.

See the list of new categories here

Even if the product is in a product category that does not qualify for automated parcel delivery, if you specify the dimensions of the product and they qualify it for automated parcel delivery, this delivery will be available for that product. This is to the benefit of your business, but it is very important that the sizes of products that can be delivered in the easybox categories are filled in correctly and completely.

Products suitable for easybox transport must fall into one of the following three drawer sizes:

  • large drawer – 468 x 443 x 388 mm
  • medium drawer – 468 x 443 x 198 mm
  • small drawer – 468 x 443 x 98 mm

In order to benefit as many products as possible and increase your sales, we recommend that you check the products in your portfolio and specify their sizes so that all products that are eligible for parcel delivery are automatically included in this service.

From the Dashboard page, please go to Products-Product Categories. On the newly opened page you will see all the categories you have access to, as well as your published products.

Click on the “Offer management” field and you will see the Save volume data button on the right above the list of allowed categories. Click on the Save volume data button and fill in the downloaded file.

Once you have filled in the required fields, save the Save volume data file and then go to Import Excel, click on the XLS upload button and upload the file containing the new products.

We wish you good sales,

The eMAG Marketplace team

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