With eMAG Cross-Border, you have the fastest regional selling solution

eMAG Cross-Border is a package of solutions that facilitates the selling of your products in three countries: Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

Through Cross-Border, you have access to a regional platform

  • e-commerce platform whose estimated value reaches over 24 billion euros by 2025
  • Three countries with a population of over 36 million people, of which 75% have access to the Internet
  • Region with over 9 million clients
  • Gross Merchandise Value of over 2 billion euros (valid for 2023)

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Benefits of eMAG Cross-Border

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Discover eMAG's investments in the Marketplace ecosystem

  • 2011

    eMAG Marketplace Romania

  • 2012

    eMAG Bulgaria

  • 2013

    eMAG Hungary

  • 2014

    eMAG Marketplace Bulgaria and Hungary

  • 2021

    Cross-Border Romania – Hungary and Hungary – Romania

  • 2022

    Cross-Border Romania – Bulgaria

  • 2023

    Cross-Border Bulgaria - Romania


In your account, you can see a map of the steps you need to take. If it’s not displayed, you can click on the flag of the country you want to expand to on the dashboard. The first step is to sign the legal documents for each platform separately, then sign a transport contract with at least one courier company.

According to the current legislation, if you have remote sales within the European Union exceeding 10,000 euros, you need to declare VAT for these sales. You can easily do this by registering in the One Stop Shop portal.

In the Cross-Border program, there are integrated couriers in the platform that can pick up products from your warehouse in Hungary and deliver them to Romania.

You can manage them separately for each platform or use price and stock synchronization options to manage them from a single location.

If you have activated the automatic export option, eMAG will automatically and free of charge translate your products, and they will be listed on the new platform with the same price and inventory as in Hungary. If you have disabled the automatic export feature, after translation, you will need to download the file from the Hungarian platform and upload it to the new platform. Please note that if you transfer your products to the new platform without using automatic export, they will have different identifiers, and you won’t be able to use the price and inventory synchronization options.

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