In this chapter we will present the types of notifications you will receive from eMAG Marketplace throughout the collaboration.
eMAG Marketplace platform will send you notifications by e-mail or directly in the Message center when you can send a ticket to our colleagues.

The notifications you receive by email, or the ones you are about to receive, can be accessed from the Notifications section. Here you have quick access to all notification subscriptions that you can activate/deactivate. You can set to be notified on certain email addresses depending on the type of notification and department.

You can also choose to receive mail every time you receive an order when a product is activated/deactivated, when the stock is limited to a product / sold out, but also when you receive a new message from us on the platform. It is recommended to subscribe to the most important types of notifications because you will be quickly alerted of any changes in your account.

In the Message center menu, you can access all the notifications received from our colleagues following the tickets you made directly from the platform. You can also be contacted directly by our colleagues via email when there are certain issues that you need to address. To view all messages in the platform, go to the Message center, the Messages option, and the list of all messages will open automatically.

From here you can quickly filter the tickets initiated by you to our colleagues, but also those initiated by Customer Support.

To contact our Customer Support colleagues, access the Contact Marketplace option in the Message center menu, and open a new ticket with your message.

We invite you to check the tutorials in the eMAG Academy section. There you will find more details about options available on the eMAG Marketplace.

Keep up the good work!

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