Account Health


On the main page of your seller account, called Dashboard, you can see on the right side of the screen, the updated status of your account health, based on each performance indicator value. The account health indicators are computed based on your performance as an eMAG seller, in the previous period and the current month.

The Account health holds eleven indicators, which are classified in five different flows:

  1.  Order flow:
  • Order service level
  • Order finalization rate
  • Order incident rare
  1. Return flow
  • Return service level
  • Return finalization rate
  • Return incidents
  1.   Product returns
  • Product return rate
  1.   Customer support
  • Number of claims 
  • Claim incidents

The status of your account health is reflected by the values ​​obtained for each indicator, and depending on their performance, the health of your account can be:

  • Good
  • Needs improvement
  • Very poor
  • Critical

In the eMAG Academy section, you will find a whole chapter dedicated to the health of your account, where you will find details and recommendations for each indicator of the health of your seller account, on the eMAG Marketplace platform.


Keep up the good work!


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