Legal requirements


In order to gain the seller status, on the eMAG Marketplace platform, after creating the account and filling in the specific information, you must present your company documents and accept the Terms and Conditions which define the legal framework for the relationships to be established in your partnership with eMAG Marketplace.

In order to sell products on the eMAG Marketplace, you will need to accept and sign the Terms and Conditions, which include the following documents:

Appendix 1 – Terms and conditions

Appendix 2 – Performance

Appendix 3 – Commissions

Appendix 4 – GDPR

Appendix 5 – Fair commercial practices policy

All these documents establish the mutual rights and obligations to which both you, as a seller and eMAG, submit, as partners throughout the contract.
The documents contain the statements and guarantees in which the seller states and guarantees that it is legally constituted, that it operates in accordance with legal regulations and that it has the capacity to legally market the products, on the eMAG platform.

Also specified are the intellectual property rights and confidentiality, its liability and limitation in the activity of eMAG seller, commission and method of payment, but also the regulations on the promotion and marketing of products on the eMAG Marketplace.

All this creates the legal framework of the activity performed in the eMAG Marketplace platform and establishes the partnership conduct of the two parties involved.


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