How to add a product one by one?


This chapter contains all the information you need to manually upload a product to the eMAG Marketplace platform. By going through all the articles here, you will see how easy it is to complete the seven steps of listing a product one by one. You will see the eMAG product documentation standards, the rules for completing the fields on the product addition page, as well as tips accompanied by concrete examples, which will help you to understand this process even better.

From now on, choosing the right category, establishing the title, correctly completing the features, adding quality images, completing an optimal description or setting the right price will become much simpler. We invite you to carefully watch the articles that will detail every step of adding a product, one by one, on the platform eMAG Marketplace.

You can access them whenever you have a blur when adding new products and more. You can even get inspired for the products already loaded on the platform, because in their content you will find tips to improve the documentation of your products.


Keep up the good work!


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