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The platform represents for us an environment with unlimited possibilities for product presentation and with the possibility of reaching millions of customers who would normally not be able to reach a certain traditional store.

Pyramis Metallourgia S.A. is a Greek multinational company, which produces and sells complete solutions for kitchen and bath equipment. The company was established in 1959 and is based in Thessaloniki. We are one of the world leaders in the market for stainless steel sinks, with a production capacity of over 1,500,000 sinks annually, destined to 97% of the export. Our products are exported to over 65 countries globally, through our own network of 9 branches in Romania, Germany, England, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Czech Republic and United Arab Emirates.

Pyramis Romania was born 10 years ago, in order to meet the market demands regarding incorporable household products and as a result of the expansion policy of the parent company.

We have always recognized the importance of continued investment in innovation and new technologies, so our decision to enter eMAG Marketplace was not a surprise.

Through the online platform we sell a wide range of products: stainless steel sinks, Pyragranite sinks, kitchen and bathroom batteries, built-in and independent appliances – hoods, hobs, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators.

Therefore, one of the challenges we faced in the first year of activity in eMAG Marketplace was the organization process in order to process the online orders and to enrich our portfolio of listed products.

The first changes were visible even from the first months after the launch on the platform and consisted of the exponential increase of sales on the online segment. The highest order registered through the Marketplace was about 9,000 lei. However, the purchasing behavior of consumers is fluctuating. Customers are very attracted to discounts. When promotions are not carried out, sales fall.

The Marketplace platform has provided us with a significant increase in traffic and provided us with extremely useful functions in establishing sales strategies, such as product catalogs, campaign settings and sales statistics.

The online environment means flexibility and the opportunity to reach millions of customers. Any company that wants to grow their business should also launch their products online. Moreover, they can go online anytime. Of course, taking into account the company profile and whether its products or services are suitable for online commerce.

Bogdan Iugulescu Pyramis

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